Tuesday, December 30, 2008

White Flow from Rob C Rogers

White Flow from Rob C Rogers, whose 2008 debut novel Devil's Cape (review here) reimagined Louisiana in a dark and super-powered world:

For me, writing is kind of like trying to weave some kind of net in a cold forest in the dark. I meander. My line gets snagged. I stub my toe or bang my head. I can navigate through obstacles and pull things together and make it work, but it's slow going and often painfully hard. It makes me shiver. Every once in a while, though, I have a Eureka moment, and it's like a clear, warm beam of moonlight pointing my way. More often than not, that breakthrough comes from finding a way to tie two disparate strands of my narrative--my net--together in a way that I didn't see before. This plot point comes straight from that character's motive. This event sets up a domino effect leading to that one. This scene should belong to this character, not that one."

It's an unexpected connection that brings order and strength to the jumbled strands I've been working with. And when that moment hits me, I'm in the white flow, the zone. The ideas move faster than my fingertips do and the going is suddenly much, much easier. Until the next tangle, of course...

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