Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heidi the Hick on White Flow

Heidi the Hick recently logged some Zen observations over on Hick Chick:

All three of these activities - riding, writing, painting - require a willingness to let go of whatever is troubling your mind. Focus is not something that comes easily to me, and I need to consciously shed the noise. Look up, through the horse's ears at the track ahead, forget about anything on the other side of the fence, send my thoughts down to my legs and belly while thinking ahead to what I'll need to ask of the horse. Look in, look for the people who only exist in my head, forget about the publishing industry and the laundry and the dust bunnies, listen for the voices and sense the inner world. Look straight ahead, inches away, to the thick colour in the bristles, forget about the saws and nail guns on the other side of the wall, let my eyes soak up the new line of glistening paint covering the old.

Then push my leg against the horse's side and keep him moving, let my fingers fly and the keys click, the roller running over the wall and make everything new.

Things get rolling, running, flowing, moving, whichever way you look at it: progress, reward.

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