Thursday, December 4, 2008

Putting It Together

The incomparable Steven Sondheim put together a number of songs in the musical "Sunday in the Park with George" that epitomize the artistic and creative processes. Unfortunately, each one also has subtexts that make it about something else as well. "Putting It Together" shows the process that artists have to go through to get the art made in the first place, through patrons and backers and corporate folk. The first one is closest to a White Flow item, but for Actors/Singers.

Here's three version of "Putting it Together" -

Carol Burnett (2000) from "Putting It Together" (A Sondheim review, with George Hearn, Ruthie Henshall, John Barrowman and Bronson Pinchot)


Barbra Streisand (1985) from "The Broadway Album"

Mandy Patinkin (1986) - from "Sunday in the Park with George"There's lots of dialog in this one, so I'm not sure how well it
translates if you haven't seen the play.

Okay, just for fun, here's a fourth just in case you haven't heard enough yet. This one reminds me of an old version of "Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma".

Kuh Ledesma (2007?) from "ACT II"

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